capacity & spaces

+ What is the maximum capacity of Venue 66, and what areas can we rent?

Our elegantly designed dining room is the main rental space, set with designer furnishings and art, convivial lounge areas, and original restaurant details. It feels like your own club, and more affordable than those! Max. capacity for seating in the Dining Room is 80. We also have a spectacular terrace that suits 30 people for cocktails and mingling, and overlooks the bright and beckoning lights of the Beverly and Hollywood Hills. It's available for weekend rentals. More details when we chat!

+ Do I need an event permit?

No permit is needed if your event is under 50 guests. 50 or more guests, and more ambitious plans? Let’s talk and figure it out together! We can include the applicable permit costs on our billing.

planning your event

+ Is service staff included? If so, in what roles?

Service staff requirements are based on your logistics, desired Venue 66 layout and anticipated guest count.

Our Event Coordinator, the first person you'll work with, talks with you about the long-term jobs such as the Venue layout planning, our logistics, your budget, outside vendors, event design, and day-of coordination—we’re sure you’d like to have your hair at this event, and an Event Coordinator will keep you from pulling it out during the planning process. The first two hours at your initial meeting on site & ensuing communication is complimentary; after that—pending your needs and your hair length—additional fees may be billed.

A Site Manager is required for all events. They are always there - seriously, they never leave! You will need this person to supervise the intimate Venue details on small & large-scale events, coordinate vendors & deliveries, and supervise the location in the instances when the more elaborate planning work of an Event Coordinator is not needed. The Site Manager will assist you, your host or client with your pre-planned timelines, guest entry, Audio/Video requirements and general event-y things, and lock up post your shenanigans!

The ever-popular Event Manager (required for events over 50 guests or multiple area rental) will ensure the coordination of your food & service and "Run the Show" for you. They'll make sure the music is at the perfect level & the lighting is flattering for all those selfies. Door Concierge aka "Security" (say it like they do in the movies! He/She is required for events over 60 guests) Our charming security personnel warmly greet your guests and ensures no gate-crashers!

+ How does the event planning process work?

Planning meetings will focus on budget, contracts, deadlines, etc. The more assistance you feel you need with such planning, the more we suggest taking on an Event Coordinator from our staff.

event styles we love to host 

+ Are you able to do multi-day events like a pop up restaurant, a trunk show or a conference?

Absolutely! It’s all about the calendar—so calling at least two months in advance is always helpful!

+ How will the dining room be set up?

We have a variety of layouts suited to many types of events, based on style, guest counts and best use of the space as we have experienced. We worked hard to create some layouts based on the event requests we received—check out the other parts of our great website!

+ I’d like to sell merchandise (e.g., cookbooks). Is this possible?

Yes—not only is this possible, but we are prepared to help you process payment upon request.

+ Is someone available to help us during the conference—ordering lunch, providing beverages, etc.—if we need assistance?

Yes. We charge for this labor; please consult with us for estimated costs on this!

+ Can the event be open to walk-ins or ticketed situations?

Yes, but NOT in cases where alcohol is being served. Too many rogue adolescents with convincing fake IDs to take that risk!

rental info 

+ What is our rental period based on?

Your rental period is based on your guest event hours, along with some prep/load-in time for any vendors and setup and time post event for clean up/strike. The general rental price is based on a six hour window. Most events suited to the space run for a maximum of three hours, but we are always open to your needs/and or extended fiesta timing!

+ What is included in our rental?

Included in your rental is use of all furniture currently on the floor, access to up to 50 of our elegant ballroom chairs, stylish decorative pieces & artwork. Our AV Equipment is included in the basic rental, but pending needs (are you live-streaming to the other side of the world?) there are fees for more complicated tech input.

parking & local knowledge 

+ Where exactly are you?!

We are located just west of Beverly Hills and Century City, on (Little) Santa Monica Blvd, aka Route 2, aka old Route 66! Literally between Beverly Glen & Overland Avenues and one (big) block from Century City Mall.

For more information, see our Contact page.

+ Where can we park?

Street parking should be ample enough for smaller events. To spare larger groups the harrowing experience of looking for parking in Century City, we recommend using our preferred valet service, which can be organized by the Venue 66 staff. Valet is required for events over 40 guests. We had our graphics guru create a fabulous map you can send out with your invitations. Note that our local residents love when you whisper quietly upon exiting!

Also, per LA City Noise Ordinances, there are no commercial trucks or vans permitted to load in or out post 10pm at night or before 7am in the morning. We’ll have to chat about storing your things if you are having a late party!

room layout & designs

+ How will the dining room be set up? Who is responsible for that?

A particularly special feature of Venue 66 is that it is setup ready for a variety of food gatherings like a family dinner or a cocktail party. The space is also perfect for birthday parties, book signings, wine tastings, holiday dinners, bar mitzvah receptions, séances… Well, maybe not that last one. Please consult our event photographs and floor plans for a few examples that illustrate the versatility of the space. Note the “ready-set” layout is the most cost effective as it means we don’t have to shuffle anything around or get the pesky movers in. If you do want to have a different floor plan, we set the layout per your event type and break it down, and any fees for that choice of layout are noted on your bill. For larger events where you need to have a clearer room space, we have a specialty company that can come and take out what isn’t needed—for an additional fee. We’ll fill you in on all that when we meet!

+ Can I bring rentals or decor into the venue?

Of course, as needed. However, bear in mind that Venue 66 has a gorgeous setup including tables, chairs, and lounges waiting for you! We ask you to please avoid the following when decorating: sand, unprotected candles, glitter, paper confetti, bubbles, grass or hay, silly string, and note: NO nailing, screwing, or stapling PERIOD. Also, please use non-marking tape (i.e. duct tape not permitted). Nothing can be affixed to the wall that requires a hammer or makes a hole!

food & beverage 

+ I see you have Partner Vendors for catering - do you allow other vendors onsite?

We do allow other vendors to use our Kitchen, however they must be permitted and licensed as “off-site Caterers.” Our Partner Vendors are the best in LA, chosen after extensive research and our experiences in the event industry, which is why we suggest them as a preferred service. Please do contact them to compare proposals. For all other vendors, please call us directly to discuss.

+ What about kitchen trash?

If an outside Food or Beverage Vendor is brought in, it will be your responsibility to dispose of general trash and recycling. We can have an extra waste management pick up or professional kitchen cleaning service added for your event date for larger items and more difficult cleaning jobs. These services must be requested in advance and the fee will be added to your bill.

+ I want to serve alcohol. Do I need an Event Permit?

You do not need a permit for private, non-ticketed, events with a host provided bar service or if your caterer has a liquor permit. However no self-serving of alcohol is allowed; a TIPS certified bartender or server is required on all events. You will also need to provide liquor liability insurance if providing your own bartender. This helps keep your event incident-free! Venue 66 can assist with bar staffing as needed.

cleaning & trash

+ Who cleans up?

While we are #notyourmother, we actually do the heavy lifting and cleaning post event, to get it ready for the next one. We include this on your bill. However, you and your vendors/caterer/planner must get the space “broom clean” at the end. We will then do a quick walk through with you to check on everything & make sure of no damages or sleeping guests in corners!

+ Whose responsibility is it to get rid of waste/trash?

Trash is becoming a BDD in this town! Basically, if you just have a few things to throw away (i.e. no more than half a standard trash can or recycle can, we can probably accommodate a little bit. For anything more than that, we have to charge as we get charged to have extra services. BUT if you have a lot of boxes that you unpack on site & want to dispose or OR bring in your own food or liquor vendor, your or they must take away all event trash generated by EON (that’s event shorthand for “End of Night").

Still have questions?

Hopefully that answers everything…but if not, call us!