onsite kitchen

Our refurbished, full-scale, wholly operational, and permitted restaurant kitchen is perfectly suited to provide service for a high volume of guests and a wide variety of dining experiences. At the chef's disposal are eight burners, three ovens, a grill, and a Frialator, as well as additional equipment to make any menu possible. China, Glasses, and Flatware rentals are available from our in house inventory. At 750 feet, the kitchen is spacious enough to accommodate a restaurant staff of as many as twenty people. Renters can choose between bringing an outside food vendor or reserving one of the top caterers and chefs associated with Venue 66.

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equipment & specs

- 750 square foot kitchen
- French top (solid top)
- 8 burners
- 3 ovens
- 6' x 8' walk-in
- side-by-side standing refrigerator and freezer
- 3 under-counter refrigerators
- commercial dishwasher
- triple sink and prep sink
- industrial ice machine
- grill and salamander
- Frialator
- waste & grease disposal*

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